The Suzuki Gladius is a cool bike with great ergonomics. It it, however, too soft and mushy when the bike is ridden aggressively. The first issues is the bike is equipped with damping rod style forks. To address this we installed Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators along with RT Hi-Performance Fork Springs. This made a huge improvement in control, traction, compliance, dive control and general handling. It brought the bike to life. On to the rear!

The rear shock suffers from the same ailments as the forks, too soft and mushy. A G3-S Custom Series Shock is available that includes a Gold Valve and a RT Hi-Performance Shock Spring. This made another dramatic improvement in the overall feel of the bike. The bike became firmer while remaining compliant.

Products Available
Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators: FEGV 4101
RT Hi-Performance Fork Springs Series: FRSP S3627

G3-S Piggyback Custom Series Shock: RSSSU 07PRRN

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The Gladius on the rack in R&D

Another rack pic of the SFV650

G3-S Piggyback Custom Series Shock with Adjustable Hi and Lo-Speed Compression, Rebound and Spring Preload

The SFV650 G3-S Shock can be Anodized Black for $200.

Stock fork assembly SFV650